Tips on using the Law of Attraction in Your Marketing

Post by Luanna

Successful people are using the law of attraction in every aspect of their lives. These same principles can be used in marketing. Attraction marketing has a lot to do with mindset.

Here are fours tips from people who have successfully integrated the law of attraction into their marketing campaigns.

Seek Clarity First
The most important thing to remember is to get clear on who you are and why you want what you want. Wallace D. Wattles warned against having only a ‘vague and misty notion’ of your goals. If you can see clearly, then you can move with certainty. You won’t have to rely on others to tell you what to do. You won’t need to look outside yourself to know what fits, what clicks, what energizes you and makes you pop out of bed in the morning. Once you have a firm understanding of what motivates your life you can easily and effortlessly connect with the right people, at the right time, and in the right ways.
- Phillip Davis branding and naming expert

Don’t Forget the ACTION in Attraction!
Don’t forget that ACTION is a part of the word “Attraction”. We can create happy thoughts, work up positive feelings, envision the ideal customer, and even create vision boards for high sales figures, swelling bank accounts, and all the things that we will buy with our profits. But without adding the actual action to the overall process, we’re really doing nothing more than day dreaming. For me, the action step isn’t about “forcing” what I’ve attracted but it is my way of saying to the universe, “I am expecting to receive what I have asked for and I am proving that by taking these steps to prepare myself to receive it.” As I write my ad copy, create my email messages, and follow-up with prospects, I do it with a sincere gratitude and expectation that the steps I am taking are working to manifest the intentions I have set in my mind.
- Brian Rooney autoresponders expert

Dare to Own Your Special Gifts – Now THAT’s Attraction!
A big part of Attraction Marketing is daring to own your own special gifts. You do have them. You have a unique style of bringing your work into the world. There are people out there who can only hear what they need to hear from you! Attraction Marketing is not about backing down and being modest. It’s about stepping into your greatness because when you step into this powerful place–opportunities, synchronicities, and all sorts of help truly show up. And so do the clients, media opportunities and speaking events! People want to work with confident and successful people. This has been the hardest area for me in the evolution of my business and I know it’s the one of the biggest growth areas for my clients. Owning your greatness so that you can create the best experience for others! As Marianne Williamson is often quoted, ‘It is not our darkness that frightens us, but our brilliance.’ Get your free Business Attraction Success Kit
- Laura West attraction marketing expert

Develop a Prosperity Mindset to Attract Business
Unsuccessful people only focus on price and the immediate expense they have to incur to take the next step. They make decisions based on whether or not they can afford things. Successful people think differently. They focus on the reward of taking the next step! They keep in mind what they want to achieve in life and business, and look for opportunities to invest in themselves or to get the resources they need to reach their goal. When considering new investments they ask questions like: ‘If I make this investment, what kind of return can I expect and how fast?’ and ‘What will it cost me not to make this investment?’ That’s Prosperity Mindset!”
- Adam Urbanski information marketing expert

What do you think? Do you believe in the law of attraction? Do you think it can help with your marketing?

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