Tips for the Work at Home Mom

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Being a mom and being a work at home mom are two things I really enjoy! I’ve enjoyed being able to be with my kids this summer (ages 10, 7 and 4). However, one thing I’ve noticed is that I don’t get nearly as much work done with my little darlings’ home 24/7.

I’ve tweeted and Facebooked about my dilemma and haven’t found any answers that worked for me. So, I decided to put the topic to the experts on Ideamarketers to find the answer. The question I asked was, “How can you be productive with your kids’ home in the summer?” These wonderful expert business women came up with some great ideas. I wrote an article from their tips called, “Tips for the Work at Home Mom” (click here to read entire article).

Today I want to share my tip with you. I have found that if I tell my children that I need to work until a certain time, and if they’ve let me be productive, we will do something fun together. It could be as simple as playing a board game, running through the sprinkler, watching a TV show together, making s’mores in the microwave, watching them play video games, going to the library or going to the pool.

Let’s all share our tips. We all have different aged children–so share what works for you at the age your children are. How do you get work done with your children home during the summer?

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James Swan

November 6, 2011

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