Do You Need an Expert Program?

Post by Luanna

Running an online business takes a lot of time and energy. It can be very rewarding, but also tiring. You need to increase website traffic right? So, you need to do keyword research, write articles, post the articles, write an ezine, develop products, update your website periodically, and then don’t forget about social media. You need to tweet, find friends and develop relationships. WHEW!

The keyword in running your own business is “delegate.” My friend and colleague Marnie Pehrson, owner and creator of, has developed a program to help experts like you delegate your marketing. Marnie’s program is called the “Expert 360 Program.” I have worked with Marnie for six years and highly recommend this program.

During the month of September, 2009, Marnie is running a special promotion on the Expert 360 Program. If you mention my name, you will get 50% off your first month as an expert! Wow! What a deal! But, you have to sign up before October 1, 2009 to take advantage of this special deal. Just say Luanna sent you, and enjoy the extra time you will have to put into your business. Expert 360 Program

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