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In these turbulent and unpredictable times, you need every competitive advantage you can get to stay ahead. One powerful and low-cost tool is Online Video. Video has a small learning curve, but can create big results. In fact, video can become your secret weapon in the battle to buck the recession.

Using video to build your brand and boost your business – whether on the now ubiquitous YouTube or on your own website – actually attracts new customers and accelerates the sales process. There are many compelling arguments for adding online video to your marketing mix, but none more important than the simple fact that video brings you closer to your customers and closer to the sale!

Adding online video to your marketing efforts also leverages your time and increases your online presence, 24/7. Your video can be promoting you and working for you even while you sleep. However, to make the most of your video, you’ve got to get it “out there,” and blast it to the widest possible audience.

My friend and colleague Lou Bortone is an online video branding specialist who has developed a complete, step-by-step process for maximizing your video distribution. You can get a look at his “Video Traffic Blast” system here:

Everyone who makes a video hopes it will go “viral” and spread like wildfire, but that rarely happens by accident. You’ve got to make your video easy to share, and make sure it’s optimized to get the most mileage.

Fortunately, video sites like YouTube and make it simple to share your video to other social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. Once your video is uploaded to, for example, you can cross post to your blog or to a number of social networking sites with one click. You can also use to blast your video to many sites at once. Best of all, all of the video hosting sites are free to use.

You can learn much more and find out about the new “Video Traffic Blast” system by visiting the website here:

See you online!

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